05 sep. 2019

A unique and exciting job in the newly formed Faroe Music Export is open for applications now!

CAN YOU MAKE FAROESE MUSIC TAKE OFF? Become the Manager of Faroe Music Export, FMX

Faroe Music Export (FMX) is the Faroe Islands’ newly founded music export office. Its main objectives are to market Faroese music abroad and offer advice on music export to the Faroese music scene, as well as to international companies and musicians looking for Faroese partners and collaborations. FMX’s mission is to equip the Faroese music industry for global export. With at least one new release every week, Faroese music is flourishing. Considering the total population, the Faroe Islands is surely one of the most musical countries in the world.

So, are you passionate, good at bringing people together, an excellent communicator and good administrator? Do you want an opportunity to make your mark on the Faroese music scene by enhancing and developing skills and competences in the sector, and marketing the archipelago’s music treasure to the world?

Day-to-day responsibilities will include

- Networking
- Representing the Faroe Islands at events abroad
- Enhancing international awareness of Faroese music and music events
- Fostering ties between active musicians and companies
- Advising musicians, companies and political authorities
- And other exciting tasks

Applicant profile

If you have what it takes to run FMX, shoulder the listed responsibilities and carry out any other tasks agreed with the FMX Board, then we are looking for you!

We envisage the successful applicant as someone who is positive, extroverted, creative and preferable already connected to people working in the music sector internationally.
Terms and conditions of employment

The FMX Manager will report to the FMX Board. The salary and other terms and conditions of employment will be set out in agreement with the Ministry of Finance. This is a full-time fixed-term position based in Gøta, Faroe Islands. The contract is for a term of 3 years with a possible 1-year extension.
The FMX Board is made up of Gissur Patursson, Chair, Mikael Blak, Fróði Stenberg and Unn Paturson.

Application procedure

Please submit your application to vinnuframi@vinnuframi.fo by October 1, 2019.

The start date for the position is November 1, 2019.

Faroe Music Export (FMX) has been established to promote Faroese music export and develop the Faroese music industry. Vinnuframi, the Faroese foundation for the promotion of trades and industry, will be providing accounting and administration support.


For further information about this unique job opportunity, please contact FMX Chair, Gissur Patursson, by telephone: +298 213535.


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